Does synthetic grass heat up in the sun?

Synthetic grass will heat up on a VERY hot day, otherwise its similar lawn. Even in the hot sun it is absolutely fine to work on the grass, obviously as the grass is plastic it does heat up a little, but you’ll hardly notice it.

What happens when it rains on synthetic grass?

The base is filled with approximatley 3-4 inches of rock, then the grass is layed out on a finely compacted crushed rock which soaks up any rain fall. The matting of the grass is also perforated to let the water through straight into the crushed rock base.

Can you lay synthetic grass on sloped areas?

Yes you can, synthetic grass can be layed on practically any area including concrete. We can excavate and lay base on just about anything!

How long is synthetic grass expected to last?

Around 15 to 20 years typically. With our excellent warranties spanning from 7-8 years you can be gauranteed to be getting a quality product, and no hassles for a long time!

What happens when cats and dogs soil synthetic grass?

The grass has been tested for all your pets mess and can handle it without a problem. You can just scrape it up or hose it down, similar to real grass!

Are you and your workers qualified?

Yes. DD’s managers are qualified horticulturalists and landscapers and our staff are all qualified and/or under going further training and qualifications.

What about watering restrictions?

DD’s can construct a garden that’s drought tolerant. Just ask us how. And of course, synthetic grass doesn’t need any maintenance or water!

How long would it take to get my landscaping done?

At DD’s, we have a flexible staffing team, so can tailor a team to complete your job faster if it’s urgent.

Do you offer fixed quotes?

Yes, our quotes are our final price, unless our clients request additional work to be complete, and we’ll then work through any additional costs before proceeding.