What is synthetic turf?

These days, whether you are based in Melbourne, Australia or elsewhere, lush green fields that stretch out as far as the eye can see aren’t necessarily made of the natural grass that we’ve come to assume they are. Instead, there’s a high chance they’re actually synthetic grass, a ground cover which resembles real grass and can be used in the same ways, albeit with certain distinct advantages. Read more

Synthetic Grass : Nothing synthetic about Bali Beginnings Rehab Centre…

Bali Beginnings (Rehab Bali) is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility based in Sanur in Bali, providing quality care and treatment for those seeking a life free from addiction, and the issues of frustration, pain and difficulty that can arise from that.  We treat people for a range of addition issues ranging from Ice Addiction, Meth Addiction and recovery from addiction to Heroin and prescription medications, as well as alcohol. We were lucky enough to be supported by DD’s Landscaping in supplying us with Synthetic grass to support some parts of our Rehab facility.

It’s surprisingly difficult to get synthetic grass here in Bali, and while I guess many people visualise the lush tropical lawns that typify many Bali Hotels, or Health Retreats (if they’ve been), despite a lush lawn being a common sight in Bali, when you run a business like ours – having daily group therapy sessions with 5 – 10 adults sitting on the same patch of grass day in, day out, a lush lawn takes a beating – and so we needed something a little different.

Danny and the DD’s team were kind enough to offer us support our worthy cause of helping people in need, and were a great support in providing us with information on what we needed, the costs and details of getting it setup here in Bali. We’re now putting the finishing touches to our synthetic lawn, and wanted to provide this post as our strongest endorsement and testimonial not only for the very professional and knowledgable team at DD’s Landscaping, but even more importantly for their willingness to help out an organisation that’s trying to help others.

Thanks you DD’s, and we can’t recommend you strongly enough to others who need synthetic grass installation or support.

(This post is a guest post from the owners of the Bali Beginnings)