Fake Grass & Artificial Turf Experts in Melbourne

Installing the best quality artificial lawns in properties across Vic

Want a lush green lawn for your home or business, but don’t want to waste your money on grass that will just die in the warmer months?
Artificial turf is the only way to guarantee you have beautiful lawn all year round!


Looks great – Fake grass has progressed considerably over the past few years and now looks as good as real grass. Our fake grass is the best in Melbourne and comes in a variety of colours and textures so they look as realistic as possible. Less work: you get your weekends back – because it doesn’t grow you obviously don’t need to cut the artificial turf or worry about the messy edges. It is laid on a thick base of crushed rock and sand making it practically impossible for weeds to get through.

Save water – With an artificial grass lawn in Melbourne you no longer have to worry about watering! Even during the drought you can have a nice lush green lawn and won’t have to run your buckets of water from the washing machine onto the grass anymore!

Inexpensive – It’s not nearly as expensive as you think, the money you save on water and time and maintenance makes fake grass a long term investment!