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DD’s Landscaping is a leading supplier of synthetic grass products for Melbourne trade and retail customers looking for quality synthetic turf and landscaping solutions. We offer a wide range of products and services, from artificial turf installation to landscape decking and everything in between.

With  over 15 years of  experience, we can answer all your DIY questions, from how to install artificial grass to what you should be doing with certain areas of your yard. We have expertise in laying fake grass to create a beautiful lawn all year round and a portfolio of exceptional landscaping clients benefiting from a more stylish and functional yards at their Melbourne properties.

Melbourne's expert landscape gardeners and fake grass installers

People are using fake grass for commercial and residential purposes more than ever and because it can take heavy use and doesn't need any trimming or watering it eliminates the need for fertilisers and pesticides. Our artificial grass is non-allergenic and provides your household with an environment free of weeds and other nasty surprises. DD’s also provide specialist landscaping services for residents across Melbourne to ensure that the artificial lawn in your yard is looking its best at all times!

The next time you need to do something for your property, pool area or backyard, contact DD’s Landscaping, and let us help you out with the perfect solution. We are the trade and retail experts in synthetic turf products, as well as dynamic and innovative landscaping designs and installations.

Call us today on 1300 WE TURF (1300 93 88 73) to arrange a quote or consultation for the installation of an artificial lawn on your Melbourne property.

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We basically install artificial turf for residential commercial use. We only deal with high quality Australian product and weíve got a good team of 8 boys. Weíve been established for about 13 years now, we started off as just doing a lawn mowing round and now itís obviously eventuated into doing landscaping of big scales: schools, a lot of residential, we do a lot of synthetic turf, artificial grass and landscaping for the public.

Thereís a lot of benefits to using artificial grass then natural turf, obviously these days we are going through the drought that we are, you canít water your natural turf and the first couple of weeks of putting out the natural turf is pretty critical. We have no exemptions anymore so artificial grass is a maintenance free product, basically for your household or schools and kindergartens, commercial use, there is no downfall basically to putting it in your yard. You get a 20 year expected life span on the products and a 10 year warranty, and the best thing about it is that itís Australian made, so it keeps the job in house.

This is pretty much the starting stages of laying synthetic grass. Dig out the area and then we crush rock the area, level it off nice and compact it with a whacker , lay the grass over the top, cut all the grass in, nail all the edges, glue all the joins and then you sand her up and broom it up and thatís pretty much it.

Yeah a little bit of common sense with artificial grass, it is plastic so itís artificial and thereís no maintenance to it really at all, you are basically putting it down to save time. Thereís no watering too it, thereís no upkeep, youíve got a 10 year warranty and itís a 20 year expected life span. One of our newest products now is the only one on the market that retains less heat in summer, which is a big factor with artificial grass and when you are supplying a high quality product, like we do, you really canít go wrong. Weíve always based our business on providing our clients with the best possible service that you can get and with tradesmen that can be pretty difficult, but with us we can guarantee it. Check out our website, email us through our website, or you can call us direct and come out and see our display because I think you will be pretty impressed with what we have got.

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Factory 2, 490 Mahoneys Road,
Campbellfield Victoria, Australia.


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DD's also provides other landscaping services, including paving, decking, retaining walls, designer lawns (including synthetic & artificial grass) & gardens and landscape design.  Established for almost 15 years now, and renowned for their friendly and reliable staff, DD's pride themselves on actually delivering on their promises, and ensuring customers are always satisfied.   We have specialist expertise in laying fake grass to create a beautiful lawn all year round.   Modern artificial grass creates a beautiful effect for your garden, and allows you to avoid problems created by water restrictions.

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